Hi, I’m Sibylle

I am a transformational coach and help aspiring entrepreneurs unlock their potential and access the economy.


I help my clients overcome self-doubt and anxiety.


My clients learn to respond to challenges with a positive versus negative mindset.


My vision is to make the power of consciousness available to as many people as I possibly can. 


I am a Consciousness Coach™, Time to Think™ coach and facilitator, Positive Intelligence™ coach and Yin Yoga teacher.

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF ACC) and Yoga Alliance International (YAI).


Hi, I’m Alix

I am a professional Chef, award-winning cookbook author, and Consciousness Coach™ Practitioner.


I have always been passionate about food and cooking, but it wasn’t until I started practising mindfulness that I realised that WHAT and HOW I ate was sabotaging my best efforts of maintaining a healthy life.


Mindful eating is about awareness. When you eat mindfully, you slow down and pay attention to the food you’re eating and what effect it might have on your body. By savouring every bite it becomes a more conscious experience; different flavour nuances and textures come to the fore and certain memories could even be stirred up in the process.


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African Wilderness Retreat

Retreat with us on a restorative long weekend of mindful movement and self-care from 20-23...

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24 Aug
24 Aug 2023 2:00 pm. Knynsa, South Africa
Raise Your Vibrations Retreat
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18 May
18 May 2023 2:00 pm. Mallorca, Spain
Culinary Safari Retreat
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Sibylle and Alix curated the ultimate retreat. From exceptional yoga & meditation, hiking, massages and stimulating conversations over gourmet food, there was nothing more you could have dreamed of. If this was the outcome of their very first retreat I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.

Chaya Hecht

Best retreat by far encompassing the very best blends for the ultimate body, mind and soul experience. Filled with unconditional love by two beautiful souls. ❤️

Tilly Pillay

What a treat and necessity to be on the retreat with Sibylle and Alix. I loved the yoga sessions, the consciousness sessions and exercises, the food, the treatments too. Overall, the energy and synergy of the people and leaders made this experience so enjoyable and valuable. I am already drawing on the many insights I have gained and I look forward to many more connections and learnings to come.

Elana Lazarus

I wanted to write to you on behalf of myself and Alan to say that we were both so blown away by the Retreat we attended with you and Alix. Everything was perfect. The Yin Yoga was incredibly healing - first time I actually enjoyed a yoga class. The food was beyond.... I didn't know that plant based food was so delicious and your sessions were so insightful.

Janet Goldblatt

Spent an awesome weekend with Sibylle Sharon and Alix Verrips (best chef ever!!!) in magnificent Knysna on a Yoga-Vegan retreat, what a treat! I had the most healing and introspective weekend. Highly recommended!

Alan Goldblatt

I think the Thinking Environment is a great product which has value in the workplace, coaching space, and home environment. Sibylle is a relaxed facilitator, and the workshop has provoked much food for thought.

Nicky Sher
Attorney and Training Manager

The 8 sessions with my Life Coach Sibylle Sharon changed my life. I learned how to manage my thoughts, feelings and how to take responsibility to create my own future. I can without a doubt recommend this coaching to anyone that feels lost and suffers from self-doubt, rumination and taking everything personally. It is absolutely worth it if you want to feel free, happy and leave the burden of the ego behind.

Jan Strydom
Operations Manager

Thank you Sibylle for creating a safe space for thought-enriching engagement and discussion. What a different world we would have leveraging the skills and tools you have introduced us to in creating diverse thinking.

Sue Schreuder
Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Everyone who is committed to making this world a happier place, should do this course. Sibylle brings focus, dedication, and clarity to the process of thinking together. She creates a safe, warm atmosphere which is helpful for learning new ways to be inclusive, fair, and kind in dialogue.

Rev Berry Behr
Chairperson, Cape Town Interfaith Initiative

The space that was created in my mind to think was incredible and free of distractions.

Gigi Kightley
Certifed Consciousness Coach

I love the Thinking Environment. I love how I get space to really explore my thoughts in a non-judgmental environment. This has empowered me to be accepting of the thinking I generate without judgement. So, through this process, I am learning to trust myself. Then I find I walk away with amazing new openings of insights.

Moneeloa Chaane
Self-Leadership Coach

Sibylle provides a warm and safe space for the Time to Think. She manages her sessions with dedication, lightness and warmth. I enjoy the fact that she doesn't take herself seriously, and this creates the space for the group to be themselves. Thank you, Sibylle, for the space for my Time to Think.

Darshana Hansjee
Relationship Manager

The Thinking Environment course is a platform where one can learn and practice providing others space to express their opinions and questions without interruption.

Maropeng Phetoe

I really went in with no expectations and just excited to have the space to quieten my mind. I was met with quite the opposite to allow my mind to think in the most amazing way. Thank you for this gift. I really needed it.

Mbali Buthelezi

I attended a Time to Think workshop with Sibylle and I absolutely loved her facilitation, her generosity with her sharing, her incorruptible commitment to transformation and supporting people to be their best selves. Sibylle walked her talk throughout as she modelled the principles and tools. I enjoy her balance between light humour and serious business. Highly recommended.

Kirti Carr
Executive Coach & Corporate Trainer

I was a participant in a Time to Think workshop facilitated by Sibylle. The workshop was well facilitated. Sibylle kept me engaged, interested and busy. She was passionate about the content and an inspiring mascot for the Time to Think methodology. I have applied some principles in my coaching and mentoring sessions with my clients. My clients use this space to think for clarity, insight and understanding. My experience is that my clients are more present, open and available. Thank you, Sibylle, for giving me space and time to think.

Brandon Kamp
Professional Trainer and Coach

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